Best 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saw Reviews & Top Pick of 2021

A miter saw is a very crucial tool each handyman or contractor should have in their workstation. It provides verities of cuts such as cross cuts, miter cuts, bevel cuts, and compound cuts easily & precisely. This handy tool is normally used in forming crown molding, window casings, picture frames and much other stuff where regular saws lose their limits. 

Best 7 1/4 sliding miter saw eviews

Moreover, the sliding miter saw has rails so that one can move forward & backward the saw. It adds a better cutting experience. Sad, but true getting the right sliding miter within the budget is a tough job.

In our, 7 1/4 sliding miter saw reviews we are going to give you the top-rated  7 1/4 sliding miter saw that meets both your budget & requirements both.

Check our 3 top picks of 7 1/4 sliding miter saw:
Best Choice
CRAFTSMAN 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw
CRAFTSMAN 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw
Pemium Pick
DEWALT 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saw
DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw
Best Value
Kobalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw
Kobalt 7-1/4-in Sliding Compound Miter Saw

1. Milwaukee 7 1/4 Miter Saw Review – Milwaukee Miter Saw

When it gets to cutting wood at an angled position, you get yourself a miter saw. But the choice is never easy, with lots of varieties within.

Milwaukee 7 1/4 Miter Saw

One of the latest, convenient & handy types is sliding compound miter saws. It bears considerable similarity to radial arm saws.

Moving forward & backward, it allows an increase in cutting length. But not a lot of options are available to meet the professional requirements.

That’s where Milwaukee brought in 2733-21 M18 Sliding Compound 7 1/4 Miter Saw. From every aspect, it’s the best choice in its class you can have.

Milwaukee M18 miter saw is a complete package for the professionals. Its practical design initiates further productivity with increased efficiency. In fact, this is the ultimate gear for high-quality, valuable carpentry & remodeling jobs.

Thanks to its powerful brushless motor, it can give a greater number of cuts. Following a single full charge, it’s possible to have 600 cuts at once.

With a battery-powered functionality, Milwaukee 7 1/4 Miter saw induces outstanding portability. No more cords to wrestle or uncomfortable placement with the power source.

The Milwaukee 7 1/4 Miter Saw includes a convenient dual rail system. Its exceptional class comes with an ability to bevel in both directions. You can go for either 48 or 45 beveling angles to make the perfect cut.

Not to mention, the assembly features a unique M18 REDLITHIUM XC 5.0 Ah battery pack. The 7.25” saw delivers uninterrupted performance using self-supporting power.

Milwaukee M18

The assembled weight measures about 28 pounds only. It’s one of the lightest ones in its relevant class. Therefore, it’s easy to maintain a steady holding of the saw. For the blade, there comes a blade wrench to support the carbide steel tips.

The built-in LED helps to cast a crisp, light shadow along the blade kerf. It’s easy enough to view even in bright sunlight. Providing a clearer line indication, the shadow ensures better accuracy for the cuts.

Milwaukee 7 1/4 Cordless Miter Saw Features & Benefits

Powerful, Continuous Cuts:

The Milwaukee sliding compound miter saw features a powerful motor. For the brushless motor, the no-load RPM (revolutions per minute) measures 5000.

The rated voltage is 18V for an integrated M18 Red Lithium 5.0 Ah battery. Over a full battery charge, the saw can deliver 600 cuts.

Lightweight, Cordless Uses:

With battery integration, no cord is available to distract your mind. Even with the battery, the assembled weight is 28 pounds only.

Therefore, no hassle, strain or fatigue over its prolonged holding. For an easy carriage, there comes top & side handles for the framework.

Superior Blade Support:

The best 7.25” miter saw keeps it easy to find a suitable blade. The carbide-tipped blade features plenty of teeth to ensure a smooth, precise trim.

For the arbor, you’ll need a 5/8” size having a maximum kerf of 1/8”. Through an outward sliding, it’s possible to adjust both fences.

Dual Design For Bevel & Rail:

For a rather convenient operation, Milwaukee decided to induce a dual-rail design. In fact, the saw features rail mountings at the top & bottom.

Considering the bevel cuts, it’s the only one in its type to offer bi-directional output. Apart from a standard 45 cuts, it allows a maximum 48 bevel angle.

Satisfactory Sawing Capacity:

Taking its overall capacity into account, Milwaukee M18miter saw kit certainly suits the pros. The vertical capacity here is 3.5”, keeping the base against its fence.

When you lay flat at 90, it gives a horizontal capacity of 2 x 8. For a nested crown, the saw comes with a reasonable 3.625 capacity.

Accurate Cutting Guidance:

Although Lasers can offer better guidance, it’s quite difficult to see. And that’s enough to mess with your precision. With the 7.25” saw, you’ll get an LED directing light.

It casts a clear shadow along the blade kerf. The shadowed lining on both sides remains visible even in bright lights.

What We Liked:
What We Disliked:


Although this product is not exceptional from all others, it does the job quite well. This unique, functional & reliable equipment puts all doubt to rest regarding its cordless type.

The complete kit is obviously a favorite who wants perfection for every task. With all the features, Milwaukee 2733-21 M18 kit saves time & effort. It gives the perfect chops to deliver a precise, smooth finish all the way.

So if you desire to have a very effective miter saw for you, you can go with it.

1.DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw

Editor Rating
DEWALT Miter Saw Review

DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw is one of the newest addition in the category of DEWALT’s cordless compact miter saw. It comes with a sliding framework, which I was exceptionally happy to see.

Despite the fact that you will be restricted to 2x material in this machine, there’s no sense in constraining its cross-cutting capacity by forgetting about the slide. Truth be told, you’ll have the option to slice up to a 2 x 8. This ought to be a quite strong range for trim craftsmen, flooring installers, and a few carpenters.

Fabricate quality is outstanding on this saw. Basically, the DeWalt 20V Max Miter Saw is a battery worked smaller miter saw. However, DEWALT didn’t use cheap materials and utilize a lot of plastic.

A valid example is the cast metal base which gives you a strong, stable stage to work from. There aren’t any expansion wings incorporated into the saw, so you might need to mount it on a stand that incorporates them or to your workbench.

On the back, there is a three pronged angle lock handle. It allows you to get an agreeable grasp.

Minimized and light weight can at some point carry with it a few properties that diminish exactness and ergonomics of apparatuses. But here, DEWALT attempted to keep the exactness by including movable detent stops. The miter and angle stops are both flexible if necessary. 

Moreover, the XPS LED light & shadow line makes the interior work easier. It allows seeing the pencil marks on the woods in the dark zone & the shadow line clearly shows the part of the wood that needs to cut.

Key Features of 7 1/4 miter saw Dewalt:

2. CRAFTSMAN 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Review

Editor Rating
CRAFTSMAN 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw

Next, we choose this one in the list of best 7 1/4 sliding miter saw reviews. The Craftsman V20 7-1/4-inch Sliding Miter Saw Kit comes with an incredible 3800 RPM engine. It is intended to cut hardwoods, baseboard, trim, 2x dimensional wood or any kind of timber which needs to cut.

Its top notch 7 ¼ cutting edges is very sharp. It ensures the accuracy of the cross-cut up to 8 inches. Moreover, the sliding capacity allows the miter saw to cut both as 90 & 45-degree angle.

Then again, the nine-meter single and detents sharp edge are equipped for edge cuts. The side convey handle makes CRAFTSMAN V20 incredibly compact.

What’s more, the LED light disposes the shadows. That is the reason this is an ideal machine to give precision and a cut line. The overall structure is very lightweight 9Only 21.8 lbs.). With side convey handles make this machine incredibly versatile.

Therefore, you can purchase a 12″ cutting edge saw rather than “7 1/4″ yet that would be a waste of your pocket money on the grounds that 7.25” can fulfill all your requirements.

Key Features of CRAFTSMAN 7 1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw:

3. DEWALT DCS361M1 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw

Editor Rating
DEWALT DCS361M1 Miter Saw

We picked this one as the third choice in the list of 7 1/4 sliding compound miter saw reviews. As we know, DEWALT is a very trusted name in the construction world. Moreover, its accuracy, construction quality, and framework everything reaches the professional level.

The battery is enough powerful. This 20V lithium-particle battery can give up to 183 cuts of 2×4 lumber board by and large or around 275 cuts of 3 ¼-inch crown settled. It requires a few changes out of the container; however, it’s all clear and really very simple.

The overall framework is very ordinary, well-made, and inventive. The most loving feature I found in this model is the positive stops on the miter scale. Though, every miter saws have these stops also, the ones on the DCS361M1 are marginally unique. They are flexible, exact, and the switch moves easily.

The hand grasp isn’t well padded which is an issue for certain individuals. Despite the fact that this model will vibrate under a full burden, it’s something you can defeat effectively.

The model doesn’t gauge a lot, however, it isn’t lightweight. Despite the fact that it’s a matter of individual inclination, 36 pounds isn’t especially lightweight regardless.

DEWALT always considers the safety issue at its priority. The cutting edge protector is straightforward and made of hard plastic. You can manage the slice as it’s going on gratitude to the straightforwardness of the sharp edge monitor. If you are looking a miter saw for home using, This one can be best choice for you. 

Key features of DEWALT DCS361M1:

4.Kobalt 7-1/4-inch Sliding Compound Miter saw Review

Editor Rating
Kobalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Kobalt7-1/4-in Sliding Compound Miter Saw accompanies a smaller bite of the dust cast aluminum framework. This lightweight aluminum structure can move effectively from any place. 

This is a saw that can do a job in both chopping and exact cutting of woods. Moreover, it has inbuilt sliding and gridding capacity too. You can without much of a stretch handle this saw to cut woods & boards at least exertion. It likewise includes a double slide rail framework with a straight direction that guarantees smooth and exact activity in fact.

It is bothering to change the sharp edges now and again. Changing cutting edges is a period squanderer that no one prefers by any stretch of the imagination.

So ensure the profundity and length that you need to cut on the grounds. Remember, a 7.5 in. size sharp edge can’t cut more than 2×4″.It additionally cuts 2X stumble in a solitary pass.

Solidness is one of the most significant viewpoints to take a gander at while buying a miter saw. Kobalt 7 ¼ in. sharp edge saw accompanies an Aluminum development. This lightweight development is entirely strong.

Specialists noticed that when the residue sack turns out to be full, it makes jam against the conveying handle. In this way, it gets tough to finish crosscuts. Notwithstanding, the highlights of this sliding saw give it a slight edge over others saw to win the best worth assignment.

So, if you make some hard memories choosing which sliding miters saw is ideal for you, at that point we will suggest you Kobalt 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saw. This is one of the best 7 1/4 sliding miters saw I have used before.

Key features of Sliding Miter Saw:

5.Evolution 7-1/4" Multi-Material Compound Sliding Miter Saw

Editor Rating
Evolution 7-1/4

Are you searching for a reasonable sliding miter saw to get all the light-obligation assignments done? View this Evolution Power Tolls R185SMS+ multi-material miter saw. It is profoundly lightweight and comes at a very reasonable price. 

It accompanies a 7-1/4 inch 20 tooth multi-material cutting sharp edge that permits you to cut any sort of material with it. You can experience wood, hardwood, plastic, pine, even hardened steel, and aluminum. Its cutting limit is up to 6mm thick steel.

The laser detection guide gives exact cutting. Through this saw, you likewise get smooth sliding usefulness and movability alternatives. You can change the profundity of the cut. Also, as modest models, this won’t give you harsh cuts. Rather you will get accurate square cutting each and every time.

Also, this machine accompanies a ground-breaking 10A Hi-torque engine alongside a pleasantly advanced cutting edge framework and gearbox. This builds the engine’s life expectancy.

The slope tilt is 0 to 45-degrees, enough to cover all the cutting points with more prominent precision. It accompanies an ergonomic trigger handle, exceptionally intended for both handed usages.

This handy miter saw has a decent point range. It offers a wide scope of edge up to 50 degrees to both left and right. It is a compact product since it weighs only 24.1 pounds. So it’s incredible saw gives the greatest cutting limit.

Key Features of Evolution Sliding Miter Saw ​:

Buying Guide of 7 1/4 sliding compound miter saw:

There are different types of miter saw are available from & into 14 in. For this post, I have assembled an assortment of the best 7 1/4 sliding miter saw currently available on the market. Generally, a 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saw is outfitted with 10 high-torque engine and an improved 7-1/4″ little sharp cutting edge framework, which is normally utilized for longer cuts. 

Thus, these minimized and lightweight highlights make the saw compact and handy. Although there are some other features such as smooth sliding usefulness, positive miter stops, and movable profundity of cut.

The vast majority of these little miter saws are accompanied by an electric brake to stop the sharp edge after the cut. These ergonomic saws are intended for both left and right-gave users. Even though they are lightweight, they are likewise vigorous to be sure. Some new models supplanted the old laser framework with an LED light, which consistently shows the thickness of the edge that lasers could never do.

Pick the right miter saw That Meets Your Need:

Not everyone needs to bother with the best apparatus available. Your decision ought to be the one that meets your financial limit. Pick one depending on your requirements. 

On the off chance that you are a contractual worker, you need an apparatus that can be effortlessly shipped, ground-breaking and can make accuracy cuts. On the other hand, when you are a professional craftsman, you need a top notch, top-line item; else, you won’t be good to go any longer.

So, not every person needs a better than expected apparatus, some lonely needs to make accuracy cuts. Continue perusing underneath to think about a couple of things that will assist you with settling on your choice. 

Convey ability:

Lightweight miter saws are compact and they even have conveying handle too. Yet, the lighter version is less inclined to be strong. So you may need to pick among convey ability and sturdiness relying upon the undertakings you want to do with the model.


A saw with a less amazing engine won’t be ready to do greater employments. For most top notch saw 15-amps is about normal, yet a majority of people ought to approve of less force. Something else to recollect is that the saw will be progressively costly if the engine is all the more impressive. If you require a sawfor a few light undertakings, there is no compelling reason to spend truckloads of money for a powerful robust engine. Rather, buy one you can bear the cost and suit your necessities.

Cutting edge Size:

Cutting edge size is very important for a saw. As saws are intended to just adjust only one sharp edge size, it won’t concur with a littler or greater size. You only need the exact accurate size. That’s why you should check the saw’s manual to know the cutting edge size information.

However, you should focus on the size of the edge while picking a saw. Remember, the greater the sharp edges, the quicker & the deeper the cuts will make. Be that as it may, greater doesn’t really mean better. The distinction between different sizes isn’t that colossal. What is important more than the size is the structure of the sharp edge.


And our last focusing factor is solidness. Be that as it may, as recently referenced, solid & sturdy saw accompanies the cost of movability. Additionally, they are progressively expensive and heavier.


You will require a differing measure of precision relying upon the activity you are intending to do with the item. What’s more, obviously, precision is very important.

However, exact precision items are progressively costly. It depends on your work, whether you probably require a significant level of precision or not. If you are involved in light projects less precision machines will work well.

Residue Collector:

Most miter saws have a residue gatherer that downplays airborne residue. This can assist you in keeping your workshop neat & clean.

Numerous saws incorporate a residue assortment region, so when you are chopping, the residue will be constrained down into a bushel and it will hold the residue. This likewise makes the wood chopping work flexible.

A few brands offer tubes that blow air. Even though it can clean the working station, it is destined to make a wreck around the region. Yet, this encourages you by permitting you to see where you are cutting.

FAQ about 7 1/4 sliding compound miter saw

Would we be able to make tear cuts with a sliding compound miter saw?

Ans: Yes, it can be done through a sliding miter saw but we should not try it. It’s dangerous. It is better to use a circular saw for this task.

What is the contrast between a slash (chop) saw and a miter saw?

Ans: The primary concern that separates a miter saw and a cleave saw is that a miter saw can pivot and deliver calculated cuts where slash saws can just cut straightforward and 90-degree edges.

How to safely use a sliding miter saw?

Ans: Just follow these guidelines-

  • Unplug the machine while changing the edge.
  • Keep your fingers minimum 6 inches away from the sharp edge.
  • Wear security goggles and hearing assurance when working with the saw.
  • Try not to go under the cutting edge while it’s turning.

Final Verdict:

Our best 7 1/4 sliding compound miter saw reviews comprises of five top-quality miter saw which can give you an incredible cutting encounter. Your decision ought to rely upon your necessities. So pick the one that suits your requirements and we trust our 7 1/4 sliding miter saw reviews will assist you with doing so.

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