Best Gas Powered Pole Saws Reviews & Top Pick 2021

Every now and then, plumbers have to deal with woods and logs that are at a certain height of a tree. And in that scenario, cutting with a chainsaw on top of a ladder is a bad idea.

So, what’s the way out? Well, we’re lucky enough to get best gas pole saws  in rescue. They’re miniature of a regular chainsaw and comes with a pole to reach that height we’re talking about.

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Both gas powered pole saw and battery-powered models are available, where each of them has some unique values. But as long as we’re concerned about efficiency and cost, looking for the gas pole saw is certainly a better idea.

In this post, we’ve given you a hand in this regard. We’ve crafted a set of first-hand, unbiased reviews of the top gas pole saw for the money, followed by a complete buyer’s guide.

For now, let’s start with a glimpse on a thorough comparison among today’s top picks-

1. TrimmerPlus TPP720 8″ - gasoline pole saw

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TrimmerPlus gasoline pole saw

You may have heard of bar and chain attachment about many models of pole saws gas. But this is done best in this particular model we’re talking about. It’s namely the TrimmerPlus TPP720 8″ Pole Saw .

With the 8 inches long bar and chain attachment, you can cut logs and tree branches of up to 8 inches of thickness. If it lies within a height range of up to 11 feet, you don’t need any additional support to reach this saw there.

To keep it jam-free, it comes with an automatic oil feeder for both chain and bar. While working even of frequent basis, this automatic feeder will keep the chances of unexpected jamming away.

If you would like to use attachments from other brands such as Remington, Murray, Craftsman and so on, this saw will be pretty fine with that. Also, there is an inner coupler tube provided which is 1.65 inches in diameter. That would give you an extra hand while working with this saw.

Summary line? Well, we’ll recommend this gas powered pole saw for heavy workloads.

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2. Maxtra 42.7CC 15 Foot Extendable gas pole saw

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Maxtra Extendable gas pole saw

Once again, there is another Best Longest Gas Pole Saw on the podium which’s made to be used in heavy-weight cutting jobs. This time, it’s from the house of Maxtra, and named as Maxtra 42.7CC Gas Pole Saw

Our first attention was at the 42cc motor, providing more power than any other electric power system of such saws. You can deal with big trees, logging, pruning garden, and many similar tasks.

Talking about the reach, it can be used within a height range of 13-15 ft. You don’t need a ladder or any sort of climbing as well. As long as the usual height of other popular models is concerned, this seems to be extremely better.

While cutting woods as high distance as 15 feet, fall of precision and accuracy is a natural incident. But don’t worry as long as you know how to use the shoulder straps to reduce the vibration.

You may think that such a powerful saw will be bulky and heavy and you can’t carry it around. But surprisingly, it’s pretty lightweight. The thickness of the pole is about 2mm and the diameter is 26mm only.

Our recommendation? Well, we’ll recommend to pick this gas pole saw, if you are need for heavy workloads.

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3. Poulan Pro PR28PS - gas pole saw under $200

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gas pole saw under $200

Another poulan gas pole saw Pro model, another example of extraordinary hardware and superb usability. This time, it’s Poulan Pro PR28PS Pole Saw gas.

The motor power of this model is what we call an intermediate level. With this 28cc, dual cyclen motor, you can deal with both hard and soft woodworking. To give you a hand, it comes with a dual-lined feeding head. That makes your cutting precision even better.

Worrying about the process of feeding gas fuel into this saw? Well, you don’t have to. Poulan Pro had made this one in such a way that it’s pretty simple to input the gas. All you have to do is- prime, choke and pull.

When starting off and on is an issue in many models, you’ll get to do effortless starting with the spring assistant system. Also, delivering fuel is made extremely easy.

Although the materialistic quality of this gasoline pole chain saw is built to be super-high, the price-points rise with that. In case you’re looking for a budget pick, we’d recommend considering the rest of the models in this list.

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4. Maxtra 42.7CC 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw

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Maxtra Best Longest Gas Pole Saw

Sometimes, long heights aren’t enough to get your job done with a pole saw gas. It demands high power motor as well. This time Maxtra Powerful Gas Pole saw  is one such model and we’ve ranked at our #4.

With the 1100w, dual stroke engine, you can deal with heavy logs, tree branches and other heavyweight cutting jobs. Along with the motor, the height adjustment is between 8.2ft to 11.4ft. So, cutting super-high targets won’t be an issue anymore.

If you’re a woodworker or plumber by profession, you may need to travel a lot with your gas pole saw. If so, the carrying bag that comes with the package will be an assistant. You can include the main saw machine along with all of its parts in the bag.

While working, vibration comes to be a big problem for accurate cutting. But Maxtra had provided a couple of shoulder straps to give you a hand. You can avoid too much vibration and fatigue with these straps.

Apart from these vital features, it also comes with a 2-position choke along with a shoulder strap to avoid vibration and fatigue. This is the perfect gas pole saw for heavy work

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5. Poulan Pro PR25PS Gas Pole Saw

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Poulan Pro Gas Pole Saw reviews

Poulan Pro had been one of the pioneers of the power tools industry, and they demonstrated every sort of excellence in this saw as well. Presenting, the crown winner of today’s list, the PR25PS Gas Pole Saw from Poulan Pro.

It’s powered with a 25cc, dual stroke engine along with a spring assisted starter system- makes it one of the smoothest pole saw to use. Once done with cutting, it automatically resets on the initial position.

The best part of this saw is, it lets you to make a wide variety of uses of it. With accessories like the shoulder strap, Poulan Pro gas pole trimmer and 6 more of items, you can work in a versatile way.

In case you’re dealing with gasoline pole saws for the first time, and want it to go easy, this is the model for you. There is an air purge remover provided to keep airs away from the fuel system. And that gives almost no chance of jamming or other kinds of troubles.

Result? Extremely easy to start and turn off.

The capacity of this saw is only to use with light-weight and semi-professional woodworks. If you want to do heavier tasks, we recommend you to go for higher motor power.

But as long as you’re working at a semi-professional level, our recommendation with go with this.

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6. Remington RM25PS Maverick - gas powered pole saw

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Remington Maverick - gas powered pole saw

With a 7 foot length and a 25cc engine, this gas pole saw will be your wings to cut at a height. At long distance cutting, the motor power becomes quite of an issue. But as long as the 25cc, 2-cycle gas engine is there, that won’t be any of the issues.

The design of this pole saw is compact enough to deal with even heaviest of woodworks. Remington had put together all of the parts and accessories in very tiny body size. And that comes handy when you’re doing cutting works all alone. Besides, it’s easy to carry and transport.

If you hate it when pole saws get jammed, this is the model for you. They call it the QuickStarter Technology and that’s the trademark technique to pull-start this saw.

The pole contains an 8 ft bar along with a 7 ft extension. In total, you can reach tree branches of 12 feet of height. No need to use any ladder or additional support for the job anymore.

Another common issue in ordinary models is the jamming issue. But Remington had taken care of it with the auto-oiler technology. The chain will be oily at any given moment.

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Buyer’s Guide For Best Gas Pole Saw 2021

As you’ve gone through all of the aforementioned gas pole saw reviews, now it’s time to pick up yours. You may start with preparing a shortlist of 2-3 products and pick up one from it.

In this regard, go through the buyer’s guide below to get some expert tips on all of the factors that matter.

  • How High Your Want to Reach

    One of the sole purposes of gas powered pole saws is to cut at a height without using any ladder. Usually, most pole saws provide a height range of 8 ft to 12 ft.
    But don’t get mislead by the default height of the saw, and the extended height. Each of the models will give you a range, and you should follow up on that.
    Also, some models allow using extensions to enhance the default height. That’s a plus point anyway.
  • How About The Maintenance

    Maintaining pole saws is a duty that comes with each of the models. Now the question is, is the job of maintenance suitable for you?
    Tasks such as changing the air filter, changing spark plugs and lubricating the chains- these are the major maintenance factors. If you find these tasks easy-to-execute for any particular model, you may go for it.
  • How Thick The Cut Is?

    You know, the thickness of the wood or log you need to cut depends on the type of jobs you’re up to. Most of the convenient gas pole saws are good to deal with up to 10 inches of thickness. And that seems okay as long as regular woodworking is concerned.
  • Comfort In Operation

    As a user, you don’t want your pole saw to be jammed or malfunctioned every now and then. Therefore, do research on the level of comfort a particular gas pole saw gives you.

Gas Powered Vs. Electric Powered Pole Saw Comparision

This whole discussion had been around gas powered pole saws. But before you go for picking up one, we want you to be aware of the difference between gas powered and electric powered pole saws.

Here are some quick facts about both gas and battery powered pole saws-

Gas Powered Pole Saws


  • They are great in terms of powers and are preferred for professional grade works.
  • This type saw is able to cut thicker limbs and logs.
  • They are designed with good balance and are easy to handle compared to other electric models.
  • Usually, gas-powered saws are run on a mixture of gas and oil. The approximate ratio is 40:1 or 50:1.


  • Gas powered pole saws require a fair amount of maintenance to operate smoothly.
  • Pretty heavy to use with one hand.

Electricity Powered Pole Saws


  • If you would like to have a pole saw for amateur level occasional use, these are the kind you should go for.
  • Provides 6 to 10 inches of cut, perfect for small trees and thin limbs.
  • The price range of battery powered pole saws is pretty affordable, almost half of the price of gas-powered ones.
  • You will have extension chords while operating.


  • They are not for professional and even semi-professional wood works.
  • Need to power them up by recharging frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):-

Question: How can I power up a gas pole saw?

Answer: to power up a gas pole saw, all you need to do is to fill up the gas chamber.

Question: What I have to do to reach heights like 15 feet?

Answer: With the gas pole says solely, you can’t reach more than 12 feet. You can use a ladder to do that.

Question: How often do gas pole saws get jammed?

Answer: If you lubricate and oil the chain and motor on regular basis, they’re not likely to jam at all.

Question: What sort of woods and logs can be dealt with such saws?

Answer: If we talk about the saws on this list, you can go up to 10” thick wood and logs with them.

How to use gas powered pole saw safely

Before using the gas-operated pole saw you must check that it is safe and suitable for operating conditions. You should clear the space between yourself and the area of ​​the tree you are working on.

Here is a risk of flying pieces of wood and limbs and you need to be careful when using gear safely. When you are planning to prune trees or branches, you need to look for a safe mood so that the trees and branches fall in a safe place.

Your First job is to read the user guide correctly because everything is there.

Use safely Equipment:

What you want to cut or trim, The trees, branches, or limbs should be investigated before using your gas-powered pole saw. Then, you need to confirm the best way to cut the branches or trees. it’s important, you must wear the required protective equipment, including helmets, protective goggles, hand gloves, and sturdy footwear.

Maintain the best position:

Gas-powered pole saws are relatively heavy so it is difficult to maintain a balanced position. To maintain an unbalanced position you need to keep your feet square with the shoulders. This will help you to prune your trees and branches more easily.

Choose the branch, and start to cut it:

You just have to apply a more suitable way of cutting the trees or branches. The best possible way to start cutting from the bottom of your trees and branches may be V. In addition, if your trees are taller than 4 inches in diameter, this method is the best fit.

Cut slowly:

You didn’t cut down many organs or trees at once. When you cutting the tree branches, you can cut a flush in the trunk. After cutting some trees and branches, you should clear the fallen lawn areas to minimize your risk level and it will make the next cut easier.

Summary Line

We’ve reached almost at the bottom of the article. Now that, as you’ve gone through our top picks and the buying guide as well, it’s time to make up your mind.

One last advice from our side would be to keep an eye on the price-quality ratio. Because that’s what matters at the end.

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