Best Hole Saw for Stainless Steel- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Saws are maybe, one of the most widespread power tools that professionals like carpenters, plumbers, woodworkers use. And one of those variations is hole saws, which is eventually, used in creating holes in workpieces.

Best Hole Saw For Stainless Steel

But this simple definition isn’t enough to explain the hardship and impact of this work. Creating holes on some workpieces might turn pretty hard. And nothing but utter accuracy is what you need.

Yeah, we’re talking about using hole saws on stainless steel and any other metals with this hardness.

Worry not, we’ve crawled the entire market to pick up the best hole saw for stainless steel, and reviewed the best 5 picks of them.

Take a minute to go through the list of best hole saw for steel: –

Our favorite top 5 best hole saw for stainless steel

Products Name Bit Size Size VariationsPrice
EZARC Carbide Hole Saw Heavy Duty for Stainless Steel Sheet Metal 44mm 35 Check Price
DRILLPRO 13Pcs Hole Saw Kit, HSS Drill Bit Hole Saw Bit Set for Metal, Stainless 16-53mm 13 Check Price
EZARC Carbide Hole Cutter Set 6 Piece for Stainless Steel ⅞” to 1-⅜” 3 Check Price
HSS Hole Saw Kits for Metal, Rocaris 15 pcs High-Speed Steel Hole Saw Cutting Kit Drill Bits Opener Cutter Tool for Stainless Steel 15-53mm 15 Check Price
uxcell Carbide Hole Saw Cutter Drill Bit for Stainless Steel 90mm 18 Check Price

1. EZARC Carbide Hole Saw Heavy Duty for Stainless Steel

Editor Rating

EZARC Carbide Hole Saw Heavy Duty for Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

Guess what, we’re about to disclose the facts and features of our #1 listed EZARC Carbide Hole Saw Heavy Duty for Stainless Steel. It’s from the inventory of Ezarc, which already had been a popular brand in the game.

Before talking about anything else, let’s take a moment and appreciate the built quality and design of this hole saw. Firstly, it’s made of extremely durable carbide technology, and machined with brazing technology. On that note, we get a solid promise of years-long durability.

On top of the materialistic quality, we also get to know it’s smart and efficient teeth design. They call is the stepped pilot drill bit design, and it’s proven to be effective. It can protect the teeth from impact forces while on work. Also, this design of teeth can induce smoother and more accurate hole cuttings.

Before releasing, the EZARC Carbide Hole Saw Heavy Duty for Stainless Steel had been tested on high-density metals. So, when it’s about the question of enduring cuts on metals like stainless steel, steel alloys, aluminum copper and even aluminum allows, this saw would do the task.

For the overall materialistic and constructive strength, you can rely on its durability. Both fo the users and the manufacturers have reported it to be 3 times more durable than usual MPP carbide saws. On top of that, it’s also reported to be 10x more durable than typical bi-metal saws.

Like any good quality hole saws, this model can create holes that are up to 5mm deep. That’s pretty much every hole saw users need. And this depth of the hole can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, FRP and even high alloy steel.

No matter it’s the usual home and kitchen repairing tasks of yours, or some sort of professional projects, this would be a perfect choice. To fix up door structures, cable boxes, and fittings, this would do just great.

Last but not least, it’s the price point. The whole product comes with individual drill bits, and the price for each of them is quite under the budget.

Overall, it’s a winning deal for any sort of professional, non-professionals or home-based Diyers, this product from Ezarc is a bang for the bucks.

What We Liked:
  • 35 different size variations of bits.
  • Build with carbide technology and brazing.
  • Precise cuts and high-quality cutting surface.
  • Pilot style drill bit design.
  • 3x longer life than other MPP style saws.
  • Can continue making more enduring cuts over time.
  • Can make smooth cuts of up to 5mm.
  • Works on even toughest metals like stainless steel, high alloy steel, etc.
What We Disliked:
  • Would be better if it would come as a set.

2. DRILLPRO 13Pcs Hole Saw Kit

Editor Rating

 DRILLPRO 13Pcs Hole Saw Kit, HSS Drill Bit Hole Saw Bit Set for Metal, Stainless

In case you are annoyed enough by not having the right size of hole cuttings, the DRILLPRO 13Pcs Hole Saw Kit is solely for you.  It is one of the best hole cutters for steel. Where you would see 3 or 5 drill bit variations in other models, this cutter comes with 13 different size variations. And that’s one of the biggest reason we’ve listed this item in this list.

Go through the rest of its features to have a better insight into its features-

The first and foremost factor of this cutting tool is it’s extremely sharp blade design. The material used to manufacture these saw us high-speed steel. Which has quite some good vibe around the industry? It can resist impact forces, it can resist wear and it’s super durable.

What more would you like to expect from a hole saw kit?

Moving forward from the material to the design, we got even bigger reasons to be happy with this item. And that’s the 13 variations of the size that it comes with.

To meet all the professional needs of yours, there are sizes starting from 16mm to 53mm, and 11 more sizes in between. With all these options in hands, you can definitely make the best choice, however.

So, where would be the perfect areas to work with this hole saw? Well, the answer might vary from user to user. But what we think is, you can make pretty well use of it in almost any commercial sectors. It’s perfect for electric drill machines, vertical electric drill machines and even magnetic drilling machine with a mobile belt.

A big reason why we recommend this product to use is it’s precisely cut teeth. The teeth are made of carbide, which is a big assurance of durability. On top of that, these teeth are made to make round, smooth cuts.

A big problem with these kinds of hole saws is- the teeth get damaged over regular use. And you have to pick up a whole new one as a replacement. But this one we are talking about is quite an exception. It’s made of high-quality carbide and machined industrially. So, you don’t have any such fears that will ruin up your whole project and the investment.

With all these capacities, it can work pretty fine in stainless steel, mild steel, iron, alloy plate, aluminum plate, brass, and copper. So, we can call it an all-metal hole cutting saw. And in each of these metals, the range of hole depth is ⅕ inches. In case the workpiece is made of wood, it can go for a 7/9 inches hole anyway.

What We Liked:
  • 13 different sizes from 16mm to 53mm.
  • Quite precise and efficient in work.
  • Are made of high quality, heavy duty carbide.
  • Works on almost all kind of metals.
  • Can cut holes up to a depth of ⅕ inches.
  • Can go for even deeper 7/9 inches cuts on wood.
  • Works with handheld, vertical and magnetic drills.
What We Disliked:
  • The set has compatibility issues with some drill machine brands.

3. EZARC Carbide Hole Cutter Set

Editor Rating

 EZARC Carbide Hole Cutter Set 6 Piece for Stainless Steel

The next pick of the day is sourced from the inventory of Ezarc, which had been at the list once before. But this time, we have picked something that suits industrial and commercial purposes of hole cutting into stainless steel metal. The call it the EZARC Carbide Hole Cutter Set.

First thing first, it’s the durability that you get along with hole cutting machine. The tips of this product are made of extremely durable carbide technology, which is the best hole saw for steel​. The metal used to manufacture the tips is tungsten carbide, combined with a brazing technology. You can already sense the level of long-lasting performance it comes with.

When you will cut holes in a metal like stainless steel, there will be metal chips and debris everywhere inside it. For easy removal of those chips, there is an arc chip pocket. What does this arc chip pocket do? Well, it removes metal chips in a pretty much fast way.

Impact forces are one of the biggest foes of such kind of machines. To protect it from that, there is a carbine made teeth set, which provides a strong shield of protection when you are pilot-drilling through the metal material.

Ejecting the metal slugs also needs to as easy and safe as the rest of its operations are. For making that sure, there is an easy slugging method and spring design, which reduces the chip blocking by a great extent.

With this cutter, you will have three drill bits of three different sizes. The size variation contains ⅞ inches, 1-⅛ inches, and 1-⅜ inches. All these values are measured across the diameter of the bits. As long as variations of holes are concerned, you are well ahead of your way.

Now come to the question of how precise and accurate it can be while cutting. Well, on that concern, this cutter will certainly stand out of the crowd. There is a cutting surface that’s precise in cuts and smooth in the job as well. Each of the cutting holes will be precise and will contain no inaccuracy in it.

How much depth of the cutting it can go for? Well, the answer might surprise you. It can cut up to 5mm of depth, which is demanded by most of us workers. Although we are concerned about cutting through stainless steel. But you can work with it on other workable materials like aluminum. Allow steel, FRP, plastic, PVC, etc.

No matter it’s slightly less compact home decoration chores or industrial basis works, it will go fine. In case of frequent and heavy duty industrial works, you need to worry about the overall maintenance of this cutter.

Overall, we are pretty much satisfied with this heavy duty stainless steel hole cutter. Hope you’re on the same page as well.

What We Liked:
  • Made of highly rigid tungsten carbide.
  • Boosted up with significant brazing technology.
  • ⅞ inches, 1-⅛ inches, and 1-⅜ inches drill bit variation.
  • Chip pockets for fast and smooth chip removal.
  • Can cut up to 5mm.
  • Works well on stainless steel, allow steel, aluminum, PVC, etc.
  • Precise and accurate with cuts and holes.
  • A perfect pick for industrial uses.
What We Disliked:
  • Requires frequenct maintenaxcne and cooling agent.

4. HSS 15 pcs Hole Saw Kits for Stainless Steel and Metal

Editor Rating

 HSS Hole Saw Kits for Metal, Rocaris 15 pcs High-Speed Steel Hole Saw Cutting Kit Drill Bits Opener Cutter Tool for Stainless Steel

This pick of the list of best hole saw for stainless steel review, we would like to focus on those of our readers who are professional with this job. We mean the home remodelers, the carpenters, the workshop workers and so on. The product we’ve picked up as our best professional hole saw is the HSS 15 pcs Hole Saw Kits for Metal.

Let’s explain why we would label it as so. Have a look below-

The gear that we are talking about, contains 15 different sizes of hole saw bits. The size starts from 15mm, and it ends at a higher limit of 53mm. In between, you will find 13 more size variations of hole saw bits. And that’s what you need as a professional, right? Because, when you have these many options in hands, you can literally go for any size of holes that you need in home remodeling.

Moving forward, the next important question is the build and materialistic quality. Well, we have a few things to disclose in this regard. First of all, all of these hole saw bits are made of HSS standard steel, which is virtually unbreakable. So, the heavy impact force won’t bother it and it will withstand that anyway.

The service life of all of these bits is quite long lasting. There is an anti-cutting and lower consumption combo that made is this capable. The teeth are made of carbide, which is known as one of the most promising material to made this kind of tools.

No matter it’s an electric drill machine, a vertical drill machine, motor driven stand type machine, or even mobile ribbon type magnetic drill machine, it will serve at it’s best.

After all these good things, there is something left about the areas of application. As we are thinking at a professional level, the product should have a wide range of application, right? Actually, it has such capacities. You can use this set of bits in stainless steel, copper, brass, mild steel, etc.

Now, it’s the biggest selling point of this product, and it’s the depth of cut it’s capable to make. All of these tools can make 20mm of cutting depth in the wood. However, as it comes to metal, it’s just as regular as any other 5mm capable cutting tool.

With these many features provided, it can definitely be one of the best professional hole saw for stainless steel and other metals, right?

What We Liked:
  • 15 different sizes starting from 15mm to 53mm.
  • Features HSS and pretty high rigidity.
  • Sharp gears and anti-cutting ability.
  • Carbide made teeth, made for unchanged shape stability.
  • Quick and precise in cutting at the same time.
  • Quite a budget-friendly price.
What We Disliked:
  • Not compatible with so many metals.

5. UXcell Carbide Hole Saw Cutter Drill Bit for Stainless Steel Alloy

Editorr Rating

 uxcell Carbide Hole Saw Cutter Drill Bit for Stainless Steel

We are at the last pick of our list of 5 best picks. And here at this point, we would like to take a break and come out of the idea of regular hole saw bits. And here at this point, we have got something out of the box. It’s called the uxcell Carbide Hole Saw Cutter Drill Bit for Stainless Steel Alloy.

The reason why we are calling it out of the box because of its size. As you have seen, usual bits might have a good variety of sizes. But the maximum size is used to lie within 50-60mm. But what if you have to create a hole bigger than this? Well, that’s where this product comes on the podium.

The uxcell Carbide Hole Saw Cutter Drill Bit for Stainless Steel Alloy has a diameter of 90mm, and it has even a bigger version of 100mm. And the lowest size of this product is 46mm. So, you can say that all size variations of this product are meant to be for larger hole creations. Especially in the construction section, you will get to use this kind of hole saws a lot.

Apart from the size and it’s used, it’s fulfilled with all other regular features. The blade and the teeth are made of carbide metal. So, work life would be as good as we expect.

While working with this, the most uses of this product will be on wooden surfaces and stainless steel metal. Apart from these two, it’s also good with any other kind of sheet metal and FRP as well.

In this set, you will have the drill bit, a spring and a wrench. So, you don’t have to spend any further money after those sort of products. And we know that many of the users would love this feature.

But there is one issue that we would like to warn you about. And that is listed below-

In case of most of the drill bits, you will have to purchase a set of different size variations. But this one here is a little exception. Here, they come up with one size in each purchase. So, if you need to have more than one sizes, you’ve to make multiple purchases. And the cost would go high accordingly. Some of the users who are limited within budget might not like it.

If you’re okay with this, however, you are pretty good to go.

What We Liked:
  • 90mm of massive size for large in size holes.
  • Size variation lies from 46mm to 100mm.
  • Made of high-quality carbide which lasts longer.
  • Smooth and precise cutting.
  • Works on stainless steel, sheet metal, FRP and wood.
  • Quite ready for high scale constructional and DIY projects.
What We Disliked:
  • One size only in each purchase.

Buying Guide for Best Hole Saw for Stainless Steel

Now, the question is- What is the best hole saw for stainless steel among them all?
Nowadays, the popularity of the hole saw is increasing because of its home use and industrial use. And for that reason, there are lots of manufacturer making hole saw. So, it is hard to pick the right one.
However, to make that easy, you have to keep in mind some factors. By considering some simple factors, you will get the utmost benefit from the tool.
Let’s have a look at those factors to consider-


Basically, metal saw blade has two parts. One is the tip and the body. Usually, tips are made of diamond, carbide or tungsten. Among all the tips type, tungsten is durable.
However, it will cost you more than other types. For a long-term investment, you should consider the best quality tip.

Source of power:

There are two options- corded and cordless. If you are going to work at the home or near your workplace an electric outlet is available, then the corded hole saw is enough.
On the other hand, if you are going to work outside, then cordless or battery powered hole saw is needed. In that case, look for the battery specification. So, it can serve you for a longer time.

Ease of replacement:

Replacement parts are essential for this tool. Make sure that parts of your chosen hole saw are available in the market and replacement process is easy.

Efficiency of cutting:

You should not want to break while cutting, right? So, you should own a saw that can cut continuously without any trouble. This is mandatory for professional work. So, consider this factor if you are a professional.

 Bottom Line:

There you go! We’re finally at the bottom line of this list. So, we’ve tried our level best to mix a variety of best hole saw for stainless steel bits. Hopefully, you’ve already been able to find the right pick within your budget.

See you in the next post!

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