Chainsaw Wood Carvings

Chainsaw Wood Carvings: Explained for Beginners

Carving, as you know, is an ancient form of sculpture art. In early ages, typical hand tools like knives, chisels were used to create sculptures out of raw limbs of wood.

Over time, carving had seen a lot of evolution, and turning into chainsaw carving is just a consequence of that.

Using a chainsaw to carve wood is quite a regular practice. Nowadays, it’s not only a widely practiced art form but also it has turned into sports. Woodworkers and carpenters around the globe take part in annual competitions around this interesting chore.

In this guide, we’ve crafted a beginner’s guide for wood carving with a Professional chainsaw. Have a look-

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What Is Chainsaw Wood Carving?

Chainsaw wood carvings are the recent versions of the ancient art form named carving. After the 1950s, this art form had got a new dimension when carpenters and woodworkers used a chainsaw for carving.

In this form of art, you get to use a chainsaw(and a number of other pattern/shaping tools) to create carvings of bears, eagles, hawks, horses, tables, and so on.

There is even a tournament named Lumberjack World Championship, which has started in the 1980s. Now in 2020, there are a number of tournaments across the globe that celebrate this form of art.

What Do You Need for Chainsaw Wood Carvings?

Carving is an ancient form of art, and it has its steps and processes. If you want to proceed for carving with a chainsaw, there are a few more tools and items that you need in this regard.

Let’s have a look at the items you need for chainsaw wood carving-

The Chainsaw

That’s quite obvious, right? But not every type of chainsaw would be perfect for carving. See, you are going to use a chainsaw here just as an alternative of regular wood carving tools like chisels, knives, etc.

So, you have to be careful about selecting the right cutting ability and power of it. One of the most deciding factor in here is the complicacy of your carving project. If your project requires prior attention to details, you should go for a smaller chainsaw with smaller cutting ability.

Another important factor is the comfort in using. If you’re not comfortable with holding the chainsaw in your hands, you’re rarely able to provide the required attention to the carving details.

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Pattern and Sketching Tools

A chainsaw is going to give the wooden workpiece an initial shape. But the detailing and sketching require some more tools in action. Especially, if you’re just beginning your journey into wooden carving with a chainsaw, we would recommend using more of these sketching tools instead of direct cuts using a chainsaw.

The list of tools that are for pattern making and sketching is quite long. But take enough time to select the right tools and carve it in the right way. If you make any mistake throughout the process, remember that the mistake will make a permanent effect on the carving project.

The Wood Itself

As you’re going to carve on the wood, selecting the right wooden piece is one of the most crucial tasks. Because the choice of wood can greatly affect the quality of your carving work.

There are basically two types of woods used in carving- softwood and hardwood. And making the choice between these two is not a hard task if you can determine the type of carving project you’re willing to do.

Protective Gears

Let’s get straight to the point- a chainsaw is a quite dangerous tool indeed. No matter whichever purpose you use it for, you have to maintain a number of safety concerns, however. No matter it’s the wooden surface or the feet of yours, it can cut any material like butter.

In the case of wood carving with a chainsaw, the scenario is not different at all. There is a basic list of safety gears that you’ve to wear on.

Have a look-

  1. The safety helmet.
  2. Earmuffs.
  3. Protective glasses.
  4. Chainsaw chaps.
  5. Steel-toed working boots.
  6. Work gloves.

Apart from these few safety wears, make sure that the chainsaw you’re using is safe enough to work with. In today’s market, chainsaws come with a number of built-in safety features, which is something you should definitely look forward to.

Some of The World’s Greatest Chainsaw Wood Carver

If you’re starting ahead for chainsaw carving, let’s name some of the world’s greatest chainsaw woodcarvers to provide some motivation for you. Having a look around how these articles work will definitely be helpful for you-

  1. Keiji Kidokoro.
  2. Steve Blanchard.
  3. Cherie Currie
  4. Loup Garou.
  5. Paul Frenette

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide on chainsaw wood carvings has been helpful to you. No matter you’re a hobbyist carver or a professional, we always advise you to keep a sharp eye on the safety concerns while performing this famous form of artwork.

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