How to cut 2x4 with a circular saw

How to cut 2×4 with circular saw: 4 Step to Follow

Science has brought us many inventions to make our lives easier.

Such an example of this is using a circular saw to cut a 2×4 lumber. With circular saws, you can easily cut down woods more effectively and efficiently.

But there’s a catch-

Using power tools has some cons too.

Your slight blunder might lead the whole project into devastation.

If you don’t know how to cut 2×4 with a circular saw, then there’s a high chance that you’ll mess up.

No worries. We’re here to help you out.

Step by Step guide on How to cut 2×4 with circular saw

You can cut 2×4 with a circular saw by setting up the blade, supporting the wood and cutting straight.

We’ll discuss these steps here in detail.

So, let’s jump right into it-

Step 1: Examine Saw and Saw Blade

It’s common sense that using a damaged blade and saw will lead to ruined lumber.

So, to avoid a poor cut, you’ll have to check through the important parts of your saw.

At first, check if the lower blade guard-

  • Snaps back into place as soon as you release it
  • Retracts without any hitches.

If your lower blade guard is in perfect shape, then it’s time to move onto power source.

Check the battery charge level if you have a cordless saw. It’s pretty unlucky to run out of juice halfway through. If that happens, then you have to take out the saw, charge it and set it again. You can say bye to your time-saving intention right there.

Lastly, check the saw blade teeth. Look for any cracks or chips which are removing the blade from your saw.

If you find any, then change the blade.

Step 2: Set your Blade Depth

Now that you know your saw is in a superb condition, it’s time you move into the next phase.

The norm is to expose the blade as little as possible. Other than the safety issues, deeper blades show some work-related issues. A deeper blade is more likely to get stuck while cutting. As a result, your blade will kick back.

You must be wondering how to select the right depth.

Here’s how-

At first, hold your saw blade against the 2×4 lumber. Now, start adjusting the blade depth. Make sure your blade is within a ¼ inch to 1-inch below the wood range.

Be in this range and you’ll be good to go.

Step 3: Support the Wood

Many rookies support their wood on both sides. This is a big no. Don’t do this mistake like those unfortunate ones.

If you support your 2×4 lumber on both sides and start cutting off, then you’re in for trouble.

Just when you’ll be about to finish the cut, you’ll see the board bending downward slightly.

This will lead your circular saw to buck while it cuts. As a result, you’ll face trouble handling it.

So, support your wood from one side. You don’t want to lose control and ruin your whole work.

Now, how to maintain this?

The best way is to rest your 2×4 lumber on a sawhorse. The piece you want to cut off must hang over the sawhorse freely. The other end should be secured tightly so that you get a perfect cut. For this, you can use clamps.

If you don’t have a sawhorse, then you can hang your 2×4 wood on a workbench or even a table. Just make sure that there’s nothing beneath your wood that’ll get in touch with your blade.

Step 4: Mark and Cut Straight

At first mark your 2×4 wood with a pencil and a scale. This will guide you towards a straight cut.

Now put your blade on the right of the pencil mark and start cutting.

It’s common to veer away from the mark. But trying to get it back in line while running your blade is a bad idea.

If your blade veers away from the line, then you should-

  • Turn off the saw
  • Let the blade stop
  • Remove the saw gently from the wrong cut line
  • Reset the saw in the preferred cutting direction
  • Start cutting again

This way you’ll get a nice cut even after veering away.

However, you can avoid this. You can use square tools to guide your saw. The try square, protractor, and miter square combo will guide your saw without any mistakes. Moreover, you can use this while cross cutting too.

To do this, hold your square’s fence against the side of your 2×4 wood. This makes an absolutely perfect straight line that you can easily hold in place. Run your saw following this line and you’ll get a straight cut in no time.

Safety Measures

Now that you know how to get a perfect cut with your circular saw, we think it’s time that you know more about the safety measures.

  1. Wear gloves and goggles. Although circular saws have safety measures but still using gloves will protect your hand from other dangers. On the other hand, goggles will protect your eyes from wood debris.
  2. If your saw isn’t cordless, then look for faults in the wire.

Don’t ignore these safety measures. Follow these to keep yourself in one shape.

Bottom Line

This four-step method is your guide towards getting a perfect cut. By now we are hoping that you know enough about cutting 2×4 woods with circular saws.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your saw and start cutting your next project.

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