How to Use an Impact Wrench – Step by Step Guide

How to Use an Impact Wrench

The impact wrench is the ultimate speedy tool for tightening or removing stuck nuts and bolts. This handy device is considered to be the mechanic’s best friend for its versatile performance.

As a result, it’s become quite a common device to have in your toolbox now. However, using an impact wrench doesn’t seem to be the easy-peasy task for everyone. But in actual it’s quite simple.

Do you want to know How to Use an Impact Wrench? Congrats! you are in the right place. This content will provide you a step by step guide to using your impact wrench like a pro.

Step by Step Guide: How to Use an Impact Wrench –

Power impact wrench, air impact wrench, and battery impact wrench- these are the three available types of this tool one can find. The power impact wrench works with electric power and the air impact wrench works with the help of compressed air. Some impact wrench works with the battery as well.

Basically, no matter what type of device you have, this step by step guide on impact wretch use given below will lend you great help for sure. All about the same process using an electric impact wrench or battery power impact wrench. Have a look.

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Step 1: Basic Setup for Impact Wrench:

At the very beginning, check carefully whether you have assembled all the necessary parts of your impact wrench device or not. Make sure you have gathered everything you need near your workstation. Besides, for a better result, it’s a must to know the maximum torque deliver the level of your tool to decide the best use of this handy tool.

Step 2: Set up for Removing Nuts:

Removing nuts is one of the most common tasks we will want to do with this mini device. To remove nuts you need to insert an impact socket at the end of the device. Point to be noted that, it’s very important to use the right kind of impact sockets to ensure the durability of the device. Avoid using random sockets.

Step 3: Removing nuts

Now, turn on the power supply. If it’s a power impact wrench, connect it with electric power. If it an air impact wrench insert the hose set the PSI (pounds per square inch) of the device to work. Tap on the power button the work with a battery-powered impact wrench. Now, set the ‘forward/reverse button’ to reverse position as you are about to remove the nuts. Next, hold the socket on the nuts and press the trigger to pull it out. You are done.

Step 4: Set up for installing nuts:

Another most important work of impact wrench is installing nuts and bolts. To install nuts you need torque sticks in combination with your impact wrench. There are a variety of different sized and shaped torque sticks available. Just choose the right foot-pound amount stick and fix it at the end of the impact wrench. You can find the foot-pound measurement written on the sticks for your convenience. Measurement of   Now, insert the socket on the end of the torque stick.

Step 5: Installing nuts

Turn on the power supply system just way you did in step 3 and set the PSI (pounds per square inch) accurately for the perfect result. Set the ‘forward/reverse button’ to forward a position to install the nuts. Hold the socket attached to the device on the screw and press the trigger. You can control the torque-speed through the trigger. If you want it to run fast, then press it tightly. And if you want a slow torque, press the trigger with less pressure. Your screw installing is done.


  • Always wear your safety gear while working with an impact wrench. Along with safety glasses and gloves, you may use noise-canceling earbuds for safety.
  • Make sure your air impact wrench is well attached to hold up a better air compressor system.
  • Disassemble the machine every time after work.
  • Keep the device out of kid’s reach.

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We all know, without an impact wrench, it’s quite troublesome to work with nuts and bolts. Especially, with the badly stuck nuts. But with this amazing device, you can get this difficult job done within a minute.

Not to mention, you must have learned how to use an impact wrench very well by now. So, best of luck for your new experiences ahead with this handy tool. Get all your screws done with zero trouble now.

I hope the content helped you the way you’re wanted. Thank you for being with us.

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