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When it gets to cutting wood at an angled position, you get yourself a miter saw. But the choice is never easy, with lots of varieties within.

Milwaukee 7 1/4 Miter Saw

One of the latest, convenient & handy types is sliding compound miter saws. It bears considerable similarity to radial arm saws.

Moving forward & backward, it allows an increase in cutting length. But not a lot of options are available to meet the professional requirements.

That’s where Milwaukee brought in 2733-21 M18 Sliding Compound 7 1/4 Miter Saw. From every aspect, it’s the best choice in its class you can have.

2733-21 M18 Fuel, 7-1/4″, Dual Bevel, Sliding, Compound, Miter Saw Kit
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Power state Brushless motor
  • Delivers over 600 cuts per charge
Milwaukee M18 Compound Miter Saw

Milwaukee M18 miter saw is a complete package for the professionals. Its practical design initiates further productivity with increased efficiency. In fact, this is the ultimate gear for high-quality, valuable carpentry & remodeling jobs.

Thanks to its powerful brushless motor, it can give a greater number of cuts. Following a single full charge, it’s possible to have 600 cuts at once.

With a battery-powered functionality, Milwaukee 7 1/4 Miter saw induces outstanding portability. No more cords to wrestle or uncomfortable placement with the power source.

The Milwaukee 7 1/4 Miter Saw includes a convenient dual rail system. Its exceptional class comes with an ability to bevel in both directions. You can go for either 48 or 45 beveling angle to make the perfect cut.

Not to mention, the assembly features a unique M18 REDLITHIUM XC 5.0 Ah battery pack. The 7.25” saw delivers uninterrupted performance using self-supporting power.


Milwaukee M18

The assembled weight measures about 28 pounds only. It’s one of the lightest ones in its relevant class. Therefore, it’s easy to maintain a steady holding of the saw. For the blade, there comes a blade wrench to support the carbide steel tips.

The built-in LED helps to cast a crisp, light shadow along the blade kerf. It’s easy enough to view even in bright sunlight. Providing a clearer line indication, the shadow ensures better accuracy for the cuts.

Milwaukee 7 1/4 cordless miter saw Features & Benefits

2733-21 M18 Fuel, 7-1/4", Dual Bevel, Sliding, Compound, Miter Saw Kit
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Power state Brushless motor
  • Delivers over 600 cuts per charge

Powerful, Continuous Cuts:

The Milwaukee sliding compound miter saw features a powerful motor. For the brushless motor, the no-load RPM (revolutions per minute) measures 5000.

The rated voltage is 18V for an integrated M18 Red Lithium 5.0 Ah battery. Over a full battery charge, the saw can deliver 600 cuts.

Lightweight, Cordless Uses:

With battery integration, no cord is available to distract your mind. Even with the battery, the assembled weight is 28 pounds only.

Therefore, no hassle, strain or fatigue over its prolonged holding. For an easy carriage, there comes top & side handles for the framework.

Superior Blade Support:

The best 7.25” miter saw keeps it easy to find a suitable blade. The carbide-tipped blade features plenty of teeth to ensure a smooth, precise trim.

For the arbor, you’ll need a 5/8” size having a maximum kerf of 1/8”. Through an outward sliding, it’s possible to adjust both fences.

Dual Design for Bevel & Rail:

For rather convenient operation, Milwaukee decided to induce a dual-rail design. In fact, the saw features rail mountings at the top & bottom.

Considering the bevel cuts, it’s the only one in its type to offer bi-directional output. Apart from a standard 45 cuts, it allows a maximum 48 bevel angle.

Satisfactory Sawing Capacity:

Taking its overall capacity into account, Milwaukee M18miter saw kit certainly suits the pros. The vertical capacity here is 3.5”, keeping the base against its fence.

When you lay flat at 90, it gives a horizontal capacity of 2 x 8. For a nested crown, the saw comes with a reasonable 3.625 capacity.

Accurate Cutting Guidance:

Although Lasers can offer better guidance, it’s quite difficult to see. And that’s enough to mess with your precision. With the 7.25” saw, you’ll get an LED directing light.

It casts a clear shadow along the blade kerf. The shadowed lining on both sides remains visible even in bright lights.

2733-21 M18 Fuel, 7-1/4", Dual Bevel, Sliding, Compound, Miter Saw Kit
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Power state Brushless motor
  • Delivers over 600 cuts per charge
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Frequently Asked Questions of Milwaukee 2733-21 M18 kit:

Question: Is it possible to cut 2” full depth without contacting the housings?

Answer: Absolutely, you can cut without affecting the housings.

Question: Should I get any 9/12 Amp battery for more power?

Answer: The integrated 5.0 Ah is enough; further isn’t necessary.

Question: Which one should I use to charge the battery?

Answer: Only 120V adapters are suitable, not the 240V ones.

Question: Can the saw cut any 10”/12”?

Answer: No, the maximum is about 8.5”.

Question: Is it possible to cut steel using the saw?

Answer: It’s not recommended. But it’s possible with the right blade.

Final Verdict:

Although this product is not exceptional from all others, it does the job quite well. This unique, functional & reliable equipment puts all doubt to rest regarding its cordless type.

The complete kit is obviously a favorite who wants perfection for every task. With all the features, Milwaukee 2733-21 M18 kit saves time & effort. It gives the perfect chops to deliver a precise, smooth finish all the way.

So if you desire to have a very effective miter saw for you, you can go with it.

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